Now's Your Time To Shine

Are You Serious About a Plus Size Modeling Career or Do You Just Like Talking About It?

With the increase in the average size of America's teens, the modeling industry is being forced to break out of the cocoon of history and represent America's real teen, and not the pencil thin girls commonly shown on today's magazine covers.  Because 50% of our teens are either plus size, or on the verge of becoming plus size, it is time for America to step out of its haze of denial and get real. 


Many have the misconception that modeling neither takes time, training, nor money.  Ask any professional model who is earning a substantial amount of money, and she'll tell you that notion is a fantasy for most.  Many say they want to model, but few are willing to do what is required of them to succeed.  If you are a plus size woman, teen, or tween girl who are serious about advancing your modeling career, Plus Teen USA (PTUSA), in association with Plus Models USA (PMUSA), and Plus Modeling Academy (PMA), are here to help.


Services Include:

  • Plus Size Modeling Workshops in association with Plus Modeling Academy- Basic (8 hour training and optional photo shoot) and Advanced (19 Hours of training, fashion show graduation ceremony, modeling certificate, and optional photo shoot) .

Plus Modeling Academy

Professional, Fun, Interactive, and Comprehensive Modeling Workshops for Full Figured Women, Teens, and Jr. Teen Girls

Contrary to misinformed notions, no matter how beautiful and well poised a model might be, successful models  know the industry standards, are well trained, prepared, and equipped with resumes, comp cards, portfolios, model's bags and contents, and the like. 

Whether you just want to walk, look, and act like a model, or are serious about a plus size modeling career, the Plus Modeling Academy will provide you with the tools needed for your plus size modeling aspirations.

Modeling Opportunities

Plus Signature Models know the industry and the language.  They not only look like models, they have been trained to dress, move, turn, and behave like models on the catwalk and on the sidewalk.  Equipped to be the professionals that they portray, Plus Signature Models have their lives intact, their model bags packed, portfolios built, resumes developed, and comp cards in hand.  


Earn Your Stamp of Approval As a Qualified Plus Size Model 

Free Runaway Modeling Tips From Our Founder, Veteran Runway Extraordinairre, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence

Let's face it!  Most of us would love to be runway models.  It's fun, exciting, and very fulfilling.  But how many of us are willing to do what it takes to perfect their craft?  Runway modeling is about more than just looking good.  One must captivate her audience with confidence, personality, and smooth modeling moves. Click here for free runway modeling tips from our founder.