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Miss Plus Teen, a nonprofit organization, believes that plus size girls should be afforded the same type of modeling and pageantry experiences as their smaller peers.  Most plus size girls would prefer to compete in a pageant with girls who share similar issues.  As the nation's exclusive pageant for plus size teens, Miss Plus Teen is seeking sponsors for our Miss Plus Teen 2012 Pageant, as we Embrace, Celebrate, Empower, and Transform the lives of Plus Size Teens all over the world.  This will be a fantastic opportunity for both businesses and individuals alike to make a contribution toward the empowerment of our youth.  

Sponsorships are a vital and invaluable asset to the success of our program, as our sponsors support us through name recognition, finances, public relations, and in countless other ways.  Our sponsors consist of businesses, organizations, and individuals who, like us, are passionate about encouraging and empowering our youth, and have a desire to partner with us to celebrate them in the skin they’re in while inspiring them to reach their full potential.  We are grateful to partner with those who have a desire to gain recognition for supporting our endeavors, show plus size teens that they believe in them and care about them, showcase their products or services while providing incentives for customers to purchase them, broaden their customer base, and improve their community. 

Our pageants are well-publicized to teens and the plus size industry through local and national magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations,  websites, promotional appearances and interviews by titleholders, promotional flyers, and more.  In exchange for partnering with Miss Plus Teen, our sponsors receive a variety of benefits for their contribution(s) from us as our way of saying, “Thank You for Partnering With Us in Celebrating and Empowering Plus Size Teens Across The Globe”. 

Miss Plus Teen Needs You!

 In exchange for a $150.00 cash contribution or its monetary

equivalence in product(s) or services, our sponsors receive a

hyperlink of their corporate logo on our website, as well as name

recognition on our flyers and emailings.


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Does your product(s) and/or service(s) promote the sell of liquor, pornography, weaponry, sex, drugs and violence? (If the answer is yes, you are prohibited from becoming one of our vendors or business advertisers) Yes
Type of sponsorship: $150.00 monetary sponsorship
$150.00 or more in product(s) or services
What type of product(s) and/or service(s) does your business promote?
If you are sponsoring a contestant, what is the name of the contestant whom you are sponsoring?

Thank you for partnering with us.  By submitting this form, you understand and agree to pay your $150.00 sponsor fees or submit your product or service gift certificate to us either by email at plusteenusa@yahoo.com, or through snail mail at:  2024 Rockcreek Ct.  Arlington, TX  76010.  Should you have any questions, feel free to call us at 817-317-1992.

ABSOLUTELY no refunds.


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