Now's Your Time To Shine

More Information About Our 2012 Pageant

The following should answer most (if not all) of the questions you may have regarding our pageant before receiving your "Welcome Kit", which will provide even more clarity.  Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to email us.  We look forward to your participation in the Miss Plus Teen Pageant.

What are the qualifications for participation in the Plus Teen USA Pageant?

  • natural born female
  • age 13-19 (on October 15, 2012)
  • wears a dress size 12 (13 in juniors) on the date of entry
  • good moral character
  • not pregnant during entry or reign if age 18 and unmarried
  • agree to fulfill Miss Plus Teen's Titleholder requirements
  • agree to join Miss Plus Teen's Fitness Team
  • agree to allow Miss Plus Teen the right to use your name, photographs, essay, and any and all portions of the competition for publicity purposes in connection with Miss Plus Teen through any media online or offline now and forevermore.

What is a delegate?

A delegate is a contestant appointed to represent others.  Once a qualified contestant of the Miss Plus Teen Pageant submits her application and pays her fees in full, she will become a delegate of the Miss Plus Teen Pageant, and will be appointed by us to make appearances to promote her platform, our pageant, and self esteem for plus size teens through parades, media interviews, pageants, fashion shows, community events, and the like.

Why is the pageant internet based?

In our thin-obsessed, judgmental society, although some are finally on the verge of embracing the idea of supporting plus size teens in celebrating and embracing themselves to become empowered in the skin they're in, many still believe that plus sized people should wait to fully embrace themselves until after they have shed their excess pounds.  We believe that true transformation occurs from the inside, out (and not the outside, in) because when we learn to love ourselves on the inside for who we are, it is only then that we will begin to take care of our bodies, and only then that we will truly become transformed. 

The Miss Plus Teen Pageant is not just a pageant, but a grassroots, very special program that provides a platform for our delegates to transform not only other plus size teens, but our nation as a whole.  Our delegates will be working hard to gain our nation's acceptance of, and appreciation for our unique and timely pageant system.  Due to the significance of our message to embrace, celebrate, empower and transform plus size teens, the Miss Plus Teen Pageant has resolved that it is more important for our contestants to pay an affordable fee to go out into the world to uplift spirits and transform the minds of potentially thousands, even millions of their peers, as opposed to paying expensive fees for Miss Plus Teen to set a stage for a venue based pageant with  room enough for only a few.

What is meant by a platform?

A platform is a community concern that is close to your heart.  Examples of platforms might include, but certainly are not limited to:

  • The effect of the media on self esteem
  • School lunch programs
  • Abortion
  • Costs for health insurance
  • Inhumane treatment of animals
  • Domestic violence
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Women in government

Each contestant must have a platform on which to stand.  Platforms are associated with one's purpose in life; something about which one is passionate.  There is a saying that states, "Your pain is your gain".  This means that whatever has caused your heart to feel pain, is what will cause you to be propelled to your purpose.  If you have not established a platform, then you most likely have not established your purpose.  Ask yourself questions like, "What has caused me pain?", "What issues are most important to me in today's society?", and "If I can change anything about the world, what would that be?"

Once you have established your platform, research organizations that support your cause and call them to introduce yourself and let them know that you are a delegate in the Miss Plus Teen Pageant.  Find out if they have any upcoming events in which you can participate as a volunteer.  Also, contact your local media (newspapers, television, etc.), and ask them to do a story on you to support and publicize your efforts of this cause.  The more in depth your participation is toward your platform, the better your chances of scoring high in the "Appearances" category, which holds a considerable amount of weight in our judging. 

Why are contestants required to join the Miss Plus Teen Team?

Although we believe that everyone should love and accept themselves in the skin they're in, no matter what their size, we also know that everyone should live as healthy a lifestyle as possible.  In acknowledgment of the health risks caused by being overweight and obese, Miss Plus Teen encourages health and fitness.  We believe that staying active with others can be a lot of fun.  Members of our group will help to keep each other motivated to maintain a fit lifestyle.  We further believe that participation in teams is a great way to meet new people.  Understanding that we are all at different fitness levels, our focus is on self discovery and individual achievement.

Good Luck As You Get Fit!

How should  sponsors and contestants be recruited? 

The spirit of excitement is extremely important in the lives of our delegates, and of course, our Titleholder.  Its magnetic enthusiasm draws in others toward who they are and all they hope to be.  Because our delegates will be judged on the number of contestants and sponsors they recruit, taking into consideration, of course, the length of time they were delegates, they should aim to recruit as many sponsors and contestants as possible.  Always representing their title with excitement, successful delegates will attract others to their cause through various means- both online and offline- including, but not limited to:  social networking (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Linked In, Ning), telephone, email, face to face, and by participating in a variety of events, media interviews, and appearances.

All sponsors and contestants apply and pay their fees on our site.  Both the sponsor and the contestant applications ask the question, "Who referred you to Miss Plus Teen?"  Delegates are responsible for instructing their recruits to write their properly spelled names in the appropriate box as the recruiting delegate.  Additionally, contestants will receive and submit a "Contestant/Sponsor Recruit(s) Form" to Miss Plus Teen to track their own recruits.

For more information about our Sponsorship opportunities, visit our "Partner with Us" Page.  

What are the requirements for essay submissions?

The topic of your essay is "What It Means To Be A Plus Size Teen".  No one knows better than you, what it means to be a plus size teen in today's society.  As the expert on the subject, it's your job to educate us.  We do, however, offer a few submission guidelines:

  • A subtitle is encouraged, but optional
  • Be certain your essay does not exceed the 500 word limit
  • Single sided, double spaced essays must be typewritten on 8X10 white paper
  • Learn how to write an effective essay
  • Allow trusted sources to give you their honest input prior to submitting your essay
  • An essay submission form signed by a school teacher or other professional familiar with your writing must be attached to your essay

What types of appearances are delegates expected to make?

Our delegates are required to make a minimum of five (5) appearances at various events related to the pageant, including but not limited to their platform, teens, the plus size community, modeling and pageantry, and health and fitness.  Because the contestant chosen as our titleholder will be required to be resourceful, creative and assertive enough to identify numerous events in which to participate, and because this category holds a heavy scoring weight, it would be advantageous for delegates to participate in, and submit as many events as are available to her.  We welcome and encourage submission of supporting photos, videos, or documents of any kind for any and all appearances participated.  Community events include, but certainly are not limited to:  fairs, parades, media interviews, fashion shows, conferences, pageants, fundraisers, open houses, bazaars, pageants, workshops, group meetings, etc.  

Delegates are required to wear their sash and tiara to each event in which they are participating.  (Once your contestant fees have been paid in full, and your letters of references have been submitted to us, please allow 14 business days for delivery of your sash and tiara).  It is highly recommended that delegates actively participate in events by speaking, modeling, volunteering, etc., as opposed to just attending them.  Also, delegates are encouraged to wear outfits that match their sash and our Miss Plus Teen website.  Scoring for appearances will be based on both quality (active participation with more heavily attended events being a priority), and quantity (the number of events attended/participated).   

What is meant by having good, moral character?

Miss Plus Teen defines "good moral character" as exhibiting the following characteristics:

  • integrity
  • courage
  • kindness
  • gentleness
  • goodness
  • charity
  • positivity
  • fortitude
  • honesty
  • loyalty
  • non-demoralizing behavior which includes, but is not limited to the use of profanity, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, loud and offensive language, and immodest dressing.


What are the requirements for photo submissions?

Each contestant is required to email us two photos of herself (in jpeg format) wearing her crown and sash; one head shot and one full body shot.  Photos must be submitted no later than two weeks after receipt of your sash and crown or by the submission deadline- October 1, 2012- whichever comes first.  Photos need not be professional, but they must be clear (No web cam photos).  Your attire on both photos should be casual and trendy. 

Where should essays, forms, and fitness logs/awards be sent?

Be certain all required documents are neatly submitted together in a manila envelope(s)  (or a larger container, if necessary).   Send your essays, a minimum of five appearance verification forms with supporting photos, dvd, or other documents, your fitness log, essay submission, and completed contestant/sponsor recruit(s) form by no later than October 1, 2012 to:

Miss Plus Teen        714 Lincoln Ave.  Rohnert Park, CA  94928

What will be required of Miss Plus Teen?


Appearances are crucial to the visibility of a pageant system, its titleholder, and the platform she supports.  Although Miss Plus Teen will make every effort to engage our winners in as many appearances as possible, we expect our titleholder to be resourceful and make arrangements for a minimum of 10 appearances throughout her year’s reign.  During her reign, the delegate crowned Miss Plus Teen will be required to provide us with photos of appearances, newspaper articles, television and radio interviews, and any other verification of participation for publication and promotion.  The reign of our titleholder will commence immediately after crowning, and will end immediately following the crowning of her successor. 

Within two weeks of receiving her sash and crown, our titleholder will agree to submit to Miss Plus Teen a minimum of four (4) photos (two head shots and two body shots), wearing an evening gown along with her Miss Plus Teen crown and sash, and will allow Miss Plus Teen the right to use her name, likeness, voice and/or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion from now and forever more, and that there will be no royalties, fees, or other compensation for said use.

Our titleholder will exude confidence, excitement, and positivity, and will maintain good fitness while representing plus size teens throughout the nation, and will proudly wear her crown and sash anywhere, and with pride, regardless of what others may think or say.  She will intelligently conduct herself as a moral professional, and will be resourceful enough to tirelessly and victoriously go after the things she wants, regardless of the rejection she will inevitably face on her journey to getting them.  She will be expected to become well known in her community as a Miss Plus Teen delegate prior to even being crowned the winner.  In doing so, she will need to possess the confidence and ability to make contact with strangers, including the media, businesses, friends, and family, to inform them- with excitement and passion- that she is a delegate in the Miss Plus Teen Pageant.  She will not wait until the winner’s crown has been placed on her head to begin her journey as a positive representative of plus size teens throughout the nation, but will utilize every avenue imaginable to represent NOW!