Now's Your Time To Shine

Embracing, Celebrating, Empowering, Transforming

All natural female born, plus size teens (sizes 12 and up) nationwide who will be ages 13-19 on October 15, 2012, and are moral citizens, are invited to enter our recession-friendly, international, internet based pageant to become

Where Every Contestant is Crowned to Represent!



We Promote and Encourage Healthy Living!

Compete For The Title of Miss Plus Teen, 2012

Plus size teens across the globe who are qualified to enter the Miss Plus Teen Pageant are invited to become delegates in our recession friendly,  internet based pageant
Each delegate will receive a sash and crown (included in entry fee) to make appearances at various community events representing plus size teens and her chosen platform (community concern).  Each contestant will also submit an essay, photo, fitness achievements, and sponsor/contestant recruits.

ENTRY FEE ONLY $259.00 (US Dollars)
(Entry deadline: September 1, 2012)

Competition Criteria

Our competition is based on the following
criteria and score percentages:

  • Appearances  (25%)
  • Photos (15%)
  • Essay (15%)
  • Fitness Achievements (15%)
  • Sponsor/Contestant Recruits (30%)