Now's Your Time To Shine

Why Plus Size Teens?

Miss Plus Teen, a non profit organization, recognizes and addresses various issues related to poor self-image and low self-esteem in plus size teens.  Our aim is to encourage plus size teens across the globe to accept themselves in the skin they're in, while becoming the best they can be- fit and fantastic from the inside, out- so that they may be propelled to fulfill their destinies.  We open up positive avenues for plus size girls to shine and show other plus size teens- and the rest of the world- that big girls, like their thinner counterparts, are an integral part of God's beautiful creation.  Delegates of our pageant have the opportunity to make appearances in their communities as they represent plus size teens throughout our nation.  Judgment to determine which contestant will be selected as the Plus Teen Titleholder  is based on:


  • The Quantity and Quality of Appearances
  • Photos
  • Essays
  • Fitness Achievements
  • The Number of Sponsor/Contestant Recruits

Fact Sheet


Most of us are well aware that being overweight may likely lead to compromised health, oftentimes resulting in pre-mature death.  Although so much emphasis in our society is placed on being thin, due to an increase in convenient foods and lifestyles, obesity has never been more rampant.  According to Nationmaster.com, comparing 28 countries internationally, America leads the obesity pack with 30.6%.  Other countries are not far behind; Mexico (24.2%), UK (23%), and Slovakia, Greece, Australia, and New Zealand all above 20% obese, with a weighted average of all 28 countries being 14.1%. 


According to WHO (World Health Organization), there are approximately 1.6 billion overweight or obese people in the world; at least 2.5 million deaths are attributable to these conditions annually. Nearly 18 million children under age five are estimated to be overweight.


In the United States alone:


  • Approximately 300,000 adult deaths each year are attributable to unhealthy dietary habits and physical inactivity or sedentary behavior
  • Nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight (BMI > 25, which includes those who are obese).
  • Nearly one-third of  adults are obese (BMI > 30).
  • The prevalence of overweight and obesity has steadily increased over the years among both genders, all ages, all racial/ethnic groups, and all educational levels.
  • Approximately 19% of children (ages 6–11) and 17% of adolescents (ages 12–19) were overweight in 2000. An additional 15% of children and adolescents were at risk for overweight (based on BMI / body mass index measures).
  • An estimated 70 percent of diabetes risk  can be attributed to excess weight.
  • Americans spend $33 billion annually on weight-loss products and services.
  • About 25 percent of young people (ages 12–21 years) participate in light to moderate activity (e.g., walking, bicycling) nearly every day. About 50 percent regularly engage in vigorous physical activity. Approximately 25 percent report no vigorous physical activity, and 14 percent report no recent vigorous or light to moderate physical activity.
  • The percentage of children and adolescents who are defined as overweight has more than doubled since the early 1970s.
  • In 1999-2000, over 10 percent of younger preschool children between ages 2 and 5 are overweight, up from 7 percent in 1994 (Overweight Teens)

One in every eleven magazines, newspapers, and television and billboard advertisements has a direct message about beauty, and even more have indirect messages.  We're all too familiar with that tall, blonde, blue eyed beauty standing next to the red convertible; you know... the one who society deems "perfect".  With so much focus on beauty, health and thinness, one would think that obesity would be a thing of the past.  Instead, we are getting bigger, while "Ms. Perfect" is getting smaller.

  • The average woman in America, for example, wears a size 14- which is considered plus size for many modeling agencies- not a 2 to 4, like your average model.  (Daily Finance) 
  • Twenty years ago, the average model weighed 8% less than the average woman.  Today,  models weigh 23% less.  (Weight Management)

Our society is becoming more and more obsessed with this fairy tale of a woman that many, being clinically depressed as a result of a preoccupation with being overweight, are taking drastic measures to emulate her.


  • Eighty percent of 10-year old American girls diet.  The number one magic wish for young girls age 11-17 is to be thinner. (justhink.org) 
  • Females cite the media as the most important source of pressure to be thin. (If Looks Could Kill, Reaves)
  • Studies show that reading "teen magazines" and having exposure to thin models creates lower self esteem, body dissatisfaction, decreased confidence and potential eating disorder symptoms (mediafamily.org)
  • By age 13, approximately 53% of American girls are "unhappy with their bodies".  This number will increase to 78% once girls reach 17 years of age.  (National Institute on Media and the Family) 

All too often, in order to “fit in” many plus size girls are turning to drugs and alcohol, promiscuity, gangs, eating disorders and various other compromised lifestyles.  Miss Plus Teen Director, Jacqueline Lawrence, a former plus size teen, relates to the struggle to be thin:

"The worse I felt about myself the better food made me feel and the better food made me feel, the more I would eat, and the more I would eat, the bigger I got." -   CW 33 News at Nine


The Miss Plus Teen Pageant helps contestants to get their focus off "Ms. Perfect" and inside themselves, recognizing the true beauty that lies in each of them, in hopes that they will appreciate the skin they're in, and begin to focus not only on outward appearances, but on caring for, nurturing and loving their bodies, minds and souls in order to reach their full potential.


 We, at Miss Plus Teen believe that the more people love themselves on the inside, the more they will love, and take care of themselves on the outside,and when you look your best, you feel better about yourself, and therefore, we mandate that all our contestants join our Miss Plus Teen Fitness Team.

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