Now's Your Time To Shine

Lynae Tucker, Plus Teen USA, 2009

Lynae was born and raised in Rapid City, SD where she attends high school at Rapid City Stevens High School.  She is on two dance teams; one that is the school performance team and one that is her private studio's competitive team. She also interns at Fierce Modeling School and Agency, sings in her school choir, and plays the violin.  In her spare time, Lynae enjoys volunteering with both Youth and Family Services and Children's Miracle Network. 
Lynae chose her platform- Overcoming the Triple Bind: Society’s pressures to be the most beautiful, smart, and athletic-  based her own personal struggles. Growing up in a public school meant being around very exclusive social groups. The popular kids, the jocks, and the nerds. She was always social with a few kids from each clique, but  never felt as though she perfectly fit in. Her biggest struggles in middle school were overcoming the awkward stage of not having a real social circle, and being one of very few girls in her city that competed in pageants. Now that she is in high school, she sees her own friends still fighting the constant battle of popularity and always wanting to fit in.
Lynae desires to get her message out about how most of us aren't the popular girl or the jock or the nerd.  We are just "us" and that is what we are best at.  She wants girls to realize that they should  embrace themselves as miracles of God and gifts to the world, and not people who need to fit a certain criteria.  Her message is that every girl, plus sized or not, should be upbeat and positive every day.  "The only way to learn to love others is to first love yourself as a gift, a miracle, a true creation. Embrace your individuality then make it a goal to teach other girls the same concept.  Lift them up and encourage them. Start a revolution of individualism not socialism", states Tucker.
Lynae's plans for the year as Plus Teen USA, 2009, are to attend at least one plus size pageant somewhere in the US, appear on as many tv/radio shows as possible to promote the pageant and her platform, and most importantly, to empower plus size teens.  Contact Lynae by email to schedule appearances at  Morethenabeautyqueen@hotmail.com.
Lynae's Appearances As The Reigning Plus Teen USA (2009-10):
Full Page Feature Story for The Rapid City Journal
KOTA Television:  Interview
Emcee'd two modeling contests hosted by Fierce Modeling School and Agency
Interview for the book by Robin Silverman, Good Girls Don't Get Fat (Chapter:  "Kiss My Assets") 
Began managing a forum on Tiaratalk.net entitled, "Uniquely You"
Host of a benefit fashion show for Childrens Miracle Network
Tiara Talkshow and Interview and photoshoot with Tiara Magazine
Participated in a Christmas Lights Parade
Donated 3 prom dresses to Gown Town charity
Hosted an open house modeling and cutest baby talent search
Modeled in 33rd Annual Bridal Showcase
Bowled in Bowl for Kids Sake Childrens Miracle Network Fundraiser
Participated in a Zumbathon to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness
Attended Miss South Dakota Pageant.
Traveled to Minneapolis to meet Miss America!
Participated in the Rising Star of the West Competition
Congratulations, Lynae Tucker:  America's First Plus Teen USA!

"Beauty From The Inside, Out"

Lynae on the cover of Tiara Magazine

Lynae will be graduating from high school in 2011, and will be attending the University of South Dakota in the fall where she will be majoring in Mass Communications Broadcasting and Journalism.
 Plus Teen USA congratulates Lynae Tucker for all her wonderful achievements.

Lynae Tucker Sheds 30  Pounds!

No longer considered a plus size teen, Lynae Tucker has lost 30 pounds since her reign as Plus Teen USA, 2009-10. She has enjoyed being a cheerleader for an NHL hockey team, which has kept her active, and is now doing weight watchers online and enjoying eating real and healthy food.

(Lynae's weight loss picture, soon to come)

Lynae's Interview and Photo Shoot with Sherrie Gerhart of Tiara Magazine