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Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh


I had the pleasure of making an appearance at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh on November 15, 2011.  Hospital administrators invited myself and Miss Teen Pittsburgh to come and share an “Evening of Beauty” with all their female patients.

Pittsburgh Beauty Academy helped out by providing nail polish and hairstyling solutions. I was able to interact with patients by painting their nails and helping them to make crowns to wear. Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Pittsburgh choral groups provided beautiful harmonizing music. It was one big party!

The hospital does an amazing job of providing fun services to their patients who are unable to leave the building. Much thought is given to making their patients lives inside the hospital as normal as it would be if they were not confined there.

I really do not consider myself a celebrity, but the patients there sure made me feel like one. I signed autographs, took pictures and talked with the patients and their parents.

Looking forward to returning to Children’s to visit with the patients there again.. It was truly my pleasure ladies!

 The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh



I had the opportunity to visit the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh this past week. I never realized how many great resources our city had for families.

The motto of the Children’s Home is to “promote the health and well being of infants and children through services which establish and strengthen the family”. Their new building began with a generous donation from retired Pittsburgh Hockey star Mario Lemieux. The organization has actually been around since 1893 as an infant adoption program. Today they have two additional components to offer.  Child Way- provides critical medical day care services for children to the age of 8. There is also a Pediatric Specialty Hospital on the premises that provides transitional care from hospital to home.

There were many memorable moments to my visit, however I particularly recall the room that the staff refers to as “the boutique”. It really reminds you of a children’s store. All of the items are gently used donated items. Parents who are staying on the premises can come and shop for whatever they need. I am going to seriously get to work on my crochet skills. Blankets are always needed I am told.

Although there is always a need for volunteers, the building is usually never in need of baby holders. In fact, I am told that they have to turn volunteers away.  After all, who wouldn’t want to rock a baby to sleep?  It is amazing what they do with the resources that they have. I would like to thank Kelsey Williams for giving me a tour and showing me around this amazing place.


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