Now's Your Time To Shine

About Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, Founder, Director


Founded by the multi-talented Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, plus size model, modeling instructor, actress, vocalist, choreographer and pageant winner, Plus Teen USA exemplifies its creator's passion for modeling, pageantry, teaching, encouraging and the stage.

Jacqueline earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration at Tuskegee University, a M.S. degree in Theology and Doctorate degree in Christian Counseling at the Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College.

Having been a plus size teen and now, a full-figured adult, Jacqueline is all too familiar with the struggles associated with low self-esteem and not "fitting in" with the look that society deems "acceptable".  Even though she was a heavy teenager, Jacqueline had always been very actively involved in gymnastics, drill team, track, softball, choir and drama.  As a plus size teen, she even won the award in her junior high school for "Most Physically Fit".


The former 2000 and 2001 Ms. Big, Bold and Beautiful and 2003 Plus USA Woman- 1st Runner Up, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence did not truly begin to love herself until she started to realize her value as a child of God.  A God-fearing Christian and Doctor of Christian Counseling, Ms. Lawrence realized that the more she loved God, the more she could love herself and others.  It wasn't until she began the process of learning to love herself just as she was (in the skin she was in), that she was able to accept and embrace herself- mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


As strong as her desire for modeling and pageantry, because of her fuller frame and the fact that modeling and pageantry were for “skinny” girls, Jacqueline believed her dream would forever be out of her reach.  Then, in the early eighties, she saw something she thought she would never see...an advertisement in the newspaper where a designer was seeking plus size models.  All her years of practicing on her own, in spite of who society gave permission to strut their stuff on the runway, were not in vain.  Seeing all those plus size women gazing up at her on that stage was the epiphany that propelled her into her purpose.  It wasn't long before Jacqueline became submerged with modeling jobs for various stores, magazines, organizations and designers throughout the San Francisco bay area. 

In 1995, Lawrence enrolled in modeling school at Barbizon of San Francisco to further enhance her career.  Prior to her graduation ceremony where she won the award for "Best Runway", her talents were so highly recognized that she was not only asked to become their plus size demo model, but also an Instructor, teaching modeling and acting skills to other plus size women, children and teens.

A vocalist and actor, the multi-talented Jacqueline Lawrence has frequently been called upon by various businesses and organizations to produce and choreograph fashion shows and teach modeling and pageantry skills, motivating her students to feel good about themselves on the inside, as well as the outside.  In 2006, Jacqueline founded  IN FULL BLOOM MODELING AND PAGEANTRY ACADEMY, where she offers modeling and pageantry instruction and certification, instructor and director certification, fashion show and pageantry production and choreography, talent coaching, and pageant judging.  Later, in 2009, Jacqueline founded Plus Models USA, where she helps those who have a desire to become plus size models to launch their careers.


Having a passion for helping to grow up girls God's way, Jacqueline co-founded God's Girls, a faith-based conference aimed at instilling positivity and godliness in teen girls. 


Founder and Director of Miss Plus Teen, formerly Plus Teen USA, Jacqueline's desire is for all plus size teens with a desire to participate, to be afforded the opportunity.  Realizing the importance of loving oneself in order to live one's purpose, the focus of the pageant and conference is to help each contestant arrive at the place where they need to be- mind, body and soul- in order to love themselves, take care of themselves, and ultimately, to be themselves; the persons who they were created to be.  Jacqueline believes it takes a village to train up children in the way they should go, therefore, her hope is that anyone whose heart is touched through this endeavor, would partner with us in transforming the lives of our youth- mind, body, and spirit.



Hello Dr. J. Lawrence.  My name is Precious Tippens.  I was recently browsing the internet  and came across the news page. Immediately, my mind went straight to my teen years, and how i was talked about, pure tortured, from my peers, especially the "guys". I felt like an out-cast.  I was an out-cast!  My life was miserable!  I dreaded going to school everyday.  I just didn't feel that i was good enough to do the things that normal teens should be doing, like going to dances, and games, oh and parties that I never got invited to.  But maybe, just maybe, if someone would have taken the time to do something like you're doing, i might have been better off back in the day.  Now I'm 25 years of age and a proud mother of three girls, and I'm teaching them now that even though they are young, they can be happy with themselves, and never worry about what the next person is saying about them.; just be yourself, cause that's all you can be-