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50 Characteristics of a Good Runway Model From Our Founder


Veteran Runway Extraordinaire and modeling instructor, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence shares 50 important professional runway modeling tips 



A Good Runway Model:

1.      Is well-trained/experienced

2.      Knows and understands the modeling industry and the language of the industry

3.      Commands her presence at all times- from before her entrance until after her exit

4.      Maintains terrific posture

5.      Moves, poses and turns in a precise, symmetrical, flowing and natural manner

6.      Turns slowly (head last)

7.      Engages his/her audience (entertainment modeling),never engages his/her audience (runway fashion modeling)

8.      Causes his/her audience to want to like, look like, get to know, be like, and to be a part of him/her.

9.      Is elegant, fun, playful, overly confident, mysterious, sexy, serious; whatever the mood, theme, atmosphere attire and props call for

10.  Is never sleezy

11.  Does not need to say "ta-da" with his/her moves or attire, but leaves his/her attitude saying it for him/her

12.  Discretely, but dramatically shows off the most essential parts of his/her outfit (skirt splits, hat rims, skirt and pant flares, outrageous sleeeves, specialized accessories, etc.) without looking as though he/she is showing them off

13.  Always has the appearance of enjoying what he/she is wearing and how he/she looks and feels in what he/she is wearing- even if it is being faked

14.  Builds a rapport with audience members by giving them individual attention and eye contact, and has everyone feeling as though he/she is there specifically for them  (except runway fashion modeling)

15.  Naturally builds confidence in her audience by making them feel as though they too can look and feel like him/her

16.  Has attitude that displays confidence and mystery (What's he/she really like?  Who is he/she?)

17.  Wears outfits and accessories that match and coincide with her overall appearance, style, shape, color, and personality

18.  Is well groomed (hair, face, nails, make-up, eyebrows, well shaven)

19.  Gets plenty of rest, water, good nourishment and exercise

20.  Is fit, proportionate (waist as close to 10 inches less than bust and hips) and has good physical and mental health

21.  Keeps his/her back away from the audience as much as possible, unless it is purposely called for to do otherwise (for example, to show off back of outfit, shoes/boots, or accessory)

22.  Strikes poses that are becoming to his/her overall size, shape and body structure

23.  Has beauty which radiates from the inside to the outside

24.  Does not appear stuck up or conceited- above his/her audience- but magnetically confident

25.  Looks in the mirror constantly to assess and perfect his/her look, poise, poses, style, smile, eyes, walk, etc.

26.  Practices his/her moves in his/her everyday life- at grocery stores, on the job, at school, on sidewalks- turning corners, stopping, posing, turning around and walking in the other direction, etc.

27.  Networks with other models and realizes that no one is in direct competition with him/her except for herself

28.  Sways her hips and arms in a feminine, yet natural manner as she walks (females).  Is masculine, charismatic, demonair, and charming (men)  

29.  Holds in his/her stomach without appearing as though his/her stomach is being held in

30.  Has versatility in his/her turns, walk, poses, etc.  (Does not do the same moves over and over again…BORING!)

31.  Has a style of his/her very own

32.  Walks in straight lines

33.  Works effectively with partners

34.  Incorporates dancing and varied beats in his/her moves

35.  Does more than everybody else does

36.  Is an actor and dancer

37.  Is mindful of his/her body parts are and what they are doing at all times (including but not limited to the head, neck, back,shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers, behind, hips, knees, and feet)

38.  Always uses positive, verses negative words when talking about people-including self- and situations

39.  Helps those whose skills and abilities may be challenged

40.  Never brags about his/her looks or accomplishments

41.  Gives good eye contact, a big smile, and firm hand shakes when greeting someone

42.  Is quiet natured and complimentary

43.  Treats the world of modeling as a profession, with the understanding that like most professions, start up and operational costs are typically involved

44.  Is well prepared, and does not allow him/her self to live off excuses when unprepared, but has an attitude of striving toward perfection 

45.  Has a consistent wardrobe of clothes, shoes, make-up, accessories, and supplies for modeling

46.  Recognizes that he/she is his/her own best agent

47.  Sharpens his/her knowledge and skills in the areas of modeling, health, beauty, wardrobing and accessorizing, communication, and any other area related to having a successful modeling career.

48.  Speaks loudly, clearly, and confidently- with a smile- when slating, speaking, interviewing, and otherwise speaking

49.  Fluidly changes poses every two to three seconds during print and runway modeling

50.  Is passionate about the art of modeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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