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To become an awesome plus size model and/or pageant delegate (or just look like one, it is important that you learn to:
  • Increase your confidence
  • Practice Good Grooming Habits
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Always Use Good Posture
  • Find a Hairstyle That is Versatile and Looks Good on You
  • Learn the Basics of Makeup Application
  • Sharpen Your Talents
  • Take Modeling Lessons and Practice Modeling Everywhere You Go (Become An America's Next Top Model and Pageant Fanatic)
  • Keep Up Your Grades in School and Obey Your Parents (Or They Might Change Their Minds About Allowing You Be a Contestant/Model)
  • Practice Speaking in Front of Others
  • Practice Smiling With Your Mouth and Eyes and Making Eye Contact with Others During One-On-One Conversations
  • Work to Make Money to Invest in Your Dreams



 The following are an abundance of cool links that provide a wealth of information to further assist you:



This awesome book, Learning To Love Yourself- Finding Your Self Worth, by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, comes highly recommended by Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, Founder and CEO of Plus Teen USA, and is a "must-read" for all who are on the journey to loving themselves, which has been said to be the greatest love of all.




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