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As A Plus Size Teen, Do You Prefer A Larger or Thinner Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Posted by Miss Plus Teen on March 8, 2010 at 9:39 AM

Some larger individuals would prefer to have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is somewhere near their same size, while others may prefer a more slimmer individual.  What is your preference, and why?

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Reply Alyssa
3:54 AM on March 15, 2010 
Well, I want to feel like a woman and next to guys too much smaller than me, i just don't. But im not that attracted to "large" guys. So, I tend to lean towards guys with height and solidity.
Reply Jacqueline Lawrence
1:26 PM on March 15, 2010 
Alyssa, Thank you for jump starting what I would like to see as a very helpful blog space for plus size teens across America. Just a few questions about your entry: Exactly how much height and how much solidity? How tall are you? Why would you prefer not to have a guy who is smaller than you? Why are you not attracted to "large" guys? If you are plus size, do you get offended when guys reject you because of your larger frame? Thanks, Jacqueline
Reply Jacqueline Lawrence
6:57 PM on March 15, 2010 
Alyssa, please tell me what is it that causes you to be unattractive to "large" guys, and also, as a plus size girl, would you be offended or hurt if guys were not attracted to you because of your large stature?
Reply Alyssa
2:28 AM on March 19, 2010 
IM 5'8" so, I generally like a guy about 6'0 220 pounds (give or take). and yes I am plus size, but Im not very offended when people don't like me because of my size. It's all personal preference, and if he doesn't like me...then someone else will. As far as my lack of attraction to large or slender men, well its not a set in stone type of thing. Ive seen attractive large as well as skinny men, but I think the problem arises because I sometimes worry about other's perception. I won't look right with a skinny guy (and the world will let me know it) and if Im with a large guy the world will look at us as two fat slobs that bond over food. I know that's harsh but Im just being real. Beyond that though, Im just truly not generally attracted to large guys. I don't know why, but Im not. The same goes for skinny guys.
Reply Christina
5:20 PM on March 19, 2010 
I perfer any looking guys, I believe people should not be judged on their outer beauty, I like guys large, medium and small,
Reply catryna
9:54 PM on April 7, 2010 
i kinda agree w/ you alyssa on if you date a large or skinny guy. i have a problem that i care what people think of me and what would they think w/ me dating someone. i like some big guys and i dont really care for skinnny guys. i like medium guys. i dont really judge either as long as they dont judge me and think im beautiful and i feel accepted by them thats all that matters :) but one thing i have noticed is it seems to me that im attracted to the dark hair men w/ olive skin color not on purpose its just happens out of the ordinary.
Reply Haley
2:32 PM on April 13, 2010 
As a plus size female, i find dating men, few and far between. I love myself, and who i am, all i need is to find a guy that feels the same. I have dated, skinny guys, never been with a 'larger male' not because I'm not interested, just the opportunity has not been present. We as a human race, have relied on looks, other then depth, and personality. Misappropriations, have been brought up, "oh, i wont look right with him" or "he's to short" When all reality, the plus size world, judges by appearance as well. Not in a rude way, but because some are not comfortable with who they are, and are very worried about what others will think and say. If you will look at who you are, love who you are, you will find someone, who will look at you, love you, and want to be with you, because of who you are, inside and out. Your beautiful. Your smart. live your life, on your terms, not the worlds.
Reply catryna
5:18 PM on April 14, 2010 
your right haley now i just have to belive it ! ahh its soo hard but i cant look at myself and say im pretty
Reply Haley
5:51 PM on April 14, 2010 
You are beautiful, everyone is, in there own way. Believe in yourself, because that's what makes you beautiful. I challenge you to look in the mirror at your self, and tell me five qualities you love about yourself, because i know there in you, just let them out.

Message back here or email me, [email protected]
Reply catryna
9:50 PM on April 17, 2010 
oooooo haley thats going to be hard :) ah i guess it cant hurt to try it , do they have to be qualities from the outside or inside cause if its out side five qualities is too much.
Reply Haleybug
7:41 PM on May 10, 2010 
catryna says...
oooooo haley thats going to be hard [IMAGE] ah i guess it cant hurt to try it , do they have to be qualities from the outside or inside cause if its out side five qualities is too much. five inside, and five out. you have amazing attributes and you need to find them with in and with out your self.
Reply Camry
11:20 PM on May 20, 2010 
I have dated every size guy small, medium and large. For some reason, more smaller and medium guys hit on me than large ones, which is something I am still trying to understand but everyone has different things they are attracted to. Just as Alyssa said, I want to feel like a woman next to my man. I want to know that if something happens he'll be the one saving me not me saving him. haha. I have always given any size guy a chance. I have found that I am not that attractive to smaller guys, I just don't feel comfortable next to them. I do not like cuddling with a stick "no offense to any smaller guys". When it comes to larger guys, I like how I feel they could just pick me up an toss me but it is hard to find a larger guy who actually has confidence and takes care of himself. In the end, when my search for my soul-mate ended, I have ended up with a medium muscular size guy and he is the same height as me. I'm very attracted to him but most of all I love him for what's inside. That is what matters most when it comes to dating but there as has to be some attraction.