Now's Your Time To Shine


Did You Know That 50% of Teen Girls in the United States

Are Either Plus Size or Are on the Verge of Becoming Plus Size? 


Plus Teen USA, a non profit organization, was founded by Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, Christian Counselor, author, plus size model, modeling instructor, modeling agency recruiter, entrepreneur, and former pageant titleholder.  Having wished a Plus Teen USA existed when she was a plus size teen, Lawrence extends her dream of modeling and pageantry participation to today's plus size teen. Plus Teen USA Pageant and Conference was birthed out of Jacqueline's passion and appreciation for the arts of modeling and pageantry, the need to celebrate and embrace inner and outer beauty regardless of the skin you're in, and the desire to empower and transform plus size teen girls. 

"With so much emphasis in today's society on outward appearance and on being thin, oftentimes heavier individuals- especially young ladies- find it difficult to accept themselves because they are not considered "acceptable", and thus, are oftentimes challenged with issues related to low self-esteem.  More and more plus size teens, having poor self-images, are turning to negative influences such as eating disorders, drugs, alcohol, gangs, promiscuity, and various compromised lifestyles to "fit in", which oftentimes result in depression and hopelessness, causing them to get even heavier, more depressed, and more hopeless.  The mission of Plus Teen USA is to give them a sense of pride so they will not compare themselves to others, but will become the best that they can be."states Lawrence, National Director  

Plus Teen USA refuses to stand by and allow our beautiful contestants who are female born, non-pregnant, U.S. resident members of our Plus Teen USA President's Fitness Challenge Team (#91642) , not get caught up in the lie that they are unworthy of the acceptance, recognition, celebration, and inspiration in which their thinner counterparts enjoy, but believe that they, too, deserve self-love, life fulfillment, and a pageant experience to express their own unique beauty. 

In 2009, Plus Teen USA produced its first National Pageant and Conference, which was first shown on the Style Network's "Ruby" on March 14, 2010.  In February, 2010, Plus Teen USA became a nonprofit organization, and began actively promoting healthy living through the implementation of its Fitness Team (#91642), which all contestants are mandated to join.  Plus Teen USA recently included a plus teen blog for boys and girls all over the world,  to its site, as well as modeling training opportunities for plus size teens.  Due to the economic crisis in America, Plus Teen USA began its recession friendly, internet based pageant for its 2011 pageant season.   

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